Hair Care Tips – Kalixto B Hair Wellness
Shampoo: always rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly until the water is clear before you start shampooing, you will use less shampoo

Conditioner: always apply conditioner root to ends of hair on coarse or semi-coarse textures; with fine and oily hair types, start at the ends and moderately place at the roots; rinse both with cool or lukewarm water

Foam: for the wash and go, never disrupt the curl after it has been defined, apply from root to the ends; for fine and oily hair types, start applying on the ends, and use less product and more water

Growth oil: this is a powerful, concentrated oil, therefore apply moderately to scalp or area(s) of concern.  For those with thinning areas: apply witch hazel to a cotton ball and cleanse the area(s) every 3-4 days, this process will allow the oil to penetrate the scalp

Balm: the balm contains the same properties as the Growth Oil, just a tad bit more tea tree to soothe your scalp
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