About Kalixto B – Kalixto B Hair Wellness

Who is Kalixto B?

Who knew that the name my parents blessed me with would one day be incorporated into my own brand? KALIXTO is of Spanish origin, meaning most beautiful. And so, the foundation of my product line is ensuring that hair is healthy first, focusing on inner beauty, so that it can shine at its full, most beautiful potential. After 20 years of being in the hair industry, want to bring something wholesome to the practice. I have always had a passion for transforming unruly hair into healthy bouncy tresses.  Texture is so very important; from angles, to the feel of the hair, I want women of color to understand that you can have manageable hair and a variety of products to choose from. Styling hair is great, but if the foundation isn’t healthy, then we have a major problem! To that end, this is why we focus on hair care as the foundation of my product...

I never want to separate women of color by the coils of their hair. It has taken me MANY years to recondition my mind from thinking that black hair is naturally unruly and unmanageable. That was definitely a self hatred that I needed to overcome. I now have an allegiance with the everyday woman to teach her how to manage her hair with simple techniques that she can accomplish at home.


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